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What People Say

“I’m incredibly impressed with Janelle. Her enthusiasm for projects and work ethic make her someone I know I can turn to and rely on at any time.”

Andrew Benge, Editor, Come Play With Me

“Janelle has excellent writing skills and was, at short notice, able to step in and effectively support our content team in delivering important projects to a tight deadline.”

Conway Wigg, BPC Marketing

“Janelle clearly has a genuine passion for writing about music. Her style of writing is quirky and personal, adding a unique touch to everything she pens.”

Mari Lane, Get in Her Ears

“Came across Janelle’s work when I was searching for a content writer and help with my company’s social media posts. She’s an excellent content writer with fresh and up to date ideas. Highly recommended.”

Clayton Borg, Sailing Malta

Train of Thought

  • Floating between two worlds
    Let's make one thing clear. These 'worlds' may not necessarily be two different physical spaces. Do you feel that the persona you're known for at work, and your identity outside of the workplace, are entirely different? Or maybe you've managed to build up an entire online persona that is miles away from how people who … Read more
  • Sealed with a Kiss: A Letter from your Manic Pixie Dream Girl
    Dear broodingly soulful young men, I am applying for the role of 'manic pixie dream girl', which I saw advertised online. I believe I'm the perfect fit for this highly coveted role! First off, I certainly do fit the image of the woman of your dreams. I change my hair colour every other Tuesday, I … Read more
  • Chasing Ghosts
    Hammock – Then the Quiet Explosion I have to admit…these last two days served a moment of deep reflection about where my life is heading. I've also reflected about the ghosts of the past – i.e. past memories, people, thoughts and places that I've found myself revisiting in some way or another, whether literally or … Read more

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